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We continue to customise our Workforce Management service, as your business grows. This constant evolution maximises the benefits experienced in the workplace. We can boost productivity, increase profitability, offer your workplace greater flexibility, manage risk - the benefits are bountiful. Discover how your business could grow with Workplace Central.

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Workforce Management

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Let’s meet for a latte, to chat about workforce management. We love hearing about diverse businesses and are always keen to share the workplace tricks we have saved up our sleeves. You pick the time & place, we’ll buy the beverages.

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Workforce Management

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We deconstruct the legislative jargon so you receive a summary; about the practical implications of changing regulations in the workplace. We deliver these updates in interesting formats, direct to your inbox; so the info is enjoyable to digest. Join our community so you’re always in the know, before the competition.

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Payroll, Human Resources & Recruitment

Efficiency is the strategic key to growth. Stop wishing for a greater work/life balance and experience one instead. Partner with Workplace Central to balance the scales. You can live a dream lifestyle, while we complete the paperwork that wasn't part of your plan.

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We partner with an extensive variety of Australian workplaces. This means we work within an assortment of industries, as diverse as boutique bikini retailers, fast food franchises and refrigeration manufacturing plants. We understand both the workplace and the people working, change over time; so our progressive approach to the workplace provides business owners and staff alike, greater freedom to achieve their goals.

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Meet Mellisa

Workplace Central - March 24, 2017
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Mellisa is one of our lovely Payroll Officers who makes payroll a breeze for our clients, from setting up new employees in our system, to completing daily payroll functions. She makes a conscious effort to always have a smile on her face and says that her favourite part of working… Read More

Managing Time, Tasks & Staff

Workplace Central - March 20, 2017
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We all know that we can’t change the number of hours in each day; no matter how hard we try to push the boundaries and squeeze in ‘just one more thing’... and then another and another. The only way we can achieve more is to make better use of our… Read More

Your Top Workforce Management Questions Answered

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We understand that managing a workforce and dealing with HR, IR, WHS, recruitment, compensation and payroll aren’t the sorts of things people generally think about when starting a business. We know it can be a daunting and unpleasant experience for some, and most of the time businesses have very little… Read More