We understand that managing a workforce and dealing with HR, IR, WHS, recruitment, compensation and payroll aren’t the sorts of things people generally think about when starting a business. We know it can be a daunting and stressful experience for some, and most of the time business owners aren’t 100% sure they’re doing everything they’re supposed to, and doing it correctly.  This is why we’ve created our all-inclusive Workforce Management service!

When you partner with Workplace Central, we’ve got you covered for all your workforce needs… but what does that actually mean and what does this relationship look like, we hear you ask. Here are your top Workforce Management questions answered:

Just like you outsource your finances to an accountant, your brand to a marketing company and your technology to an IT company, we recommend you outsource your people to us.  We provide a total workforce management solution so that you can focus on your core business and we ensure your workforce is compliant, time efficient and supported in all human resources (HR), industrial relations (IR), workplace health and safety (WHS), recruitment and payroll functions.When you partner with us, you never again have to worry about what to do, for example, with updates to wages and awards, return to work programs after work cover injuries, superannuation payments, WHS audits or any other ‘people’ procedures or paperwork. You can work on all the fun stuff!


Whether you prefer phone calls, in-person visits, emails or online updates, we work with you to determine the best and most comfortable fit for our businesses to work in partnership. We do have to conduct regular appraisals and like to visit to invest and understand your business and how we can complement you and your team best. An ongoing partnership is beneficial rather than a once-off tick-the-box activity.



Recruitment of new team members is an essential part of our service and we work with you to ensure you get the right people for the job and that their employment arrangements are correctly set up from the get-go. We can manage the entire recruitment process for you, or assist you with parts of it, to come to an agreement on the most suitable applicant.




We can certainly review these agreements for you as part of the total workforce package. Our business model supports continuous engagement with our clients, so we don’t ‘just’ do one-off services, we incorporate all the necessary paperwork, reviews and advice in your complete service agreement.




There are many factors that influence staff morale, and being paid on time, every time, and having clear role expectations are certainly important factors that we manage for you. As the employer we help to mediate issues that may arise from time to time, and help to set clear directives through easy to read position descriptions, among other general HR advice.




This person can continue to be an integral part of your business and we can potentially free up this resource’s time to focus on other business tasks. There’s much more to Total Workforce Management than just payroll, so consider other business resources we could free up for you when we cover HR and WHS just to name a few.




We set you up with our easy to use, cloud-based software developed specifically for businesses just like yours. All you have to do is collect timesheets (we support a variety of formats) and approve the times, and then we do the rest! We manage everything from paying staff into their bank accounts through to managing payslips, superannuation payments, workers compensation and end of year financial summaries plus more.


If you have more questions you’d like answered or simply want to get started with a more organised and stress-free workforce, contact us today and we’ll book in a free consultation over a cup of coffee.