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– Define position description and requirements

– Write selection criteria

– Advertise position vacant

– Receive applications

– Short-list candidates

– Conduct interviews

– Select successful candidate in consultation

– Make offer

– Notify unsuccessful candidates









– Advise on pay rates, market rates and additional benefits

– Annual pay reviews and increases applied as necessary

– Manage National Employment Standards, Fair Work, Immigration and junior compliance

– Provide Fair Work Information Statement and employment contract

– Provide systems to monitor employee licensing









– Wages paid weekly/fortnightly

– PAYG paid

– Superannuation paid

– Timesheet system provided, or integrate with existing system

– Payslips and payment summaries emailed

– Management of Centrelink, Child Support and banking documents

Human Resources







– General induction provided

– Annual bullying & harassment training

– Annual employment engagement survey

– Workplace policies and procedures, as required

– Performance management

– Bonus/incentive consultation & development

– Traineeship partners

– Training/employment grants passed onto client

– Management of flexible working arrangements

– Gender pay equity reporting









– Dual responsibility to provide safe working conditions

– Provide Workers’ Compensation insurance

– Check applicant’s ability to safely perform work

– Provide rehabilitation with designated coordinator

– Incident reports & corrective/preventative action processes

– Implement suitable duties program for fast return to work

– Report incidents to statutory authority, as required

– General health & safety induction provided at engagement

– Regular health & safety surveys conducted with employees

– Annual review of on-site health & safety systems

– Safe work procedures provided

– Health & safety manual provided, as required









– Report invoicing, gross wages & superannuation paid, on request

*Service inclusions are subject to change without notice.