Earlier this week, we recognised National Boss Day. A unique day to thank the bosses who have had a positive impact on your working life. Today, we’re reflecting on ways to improve in this important role.

Most bosses like to think they are a great boss. Most aren’t directly going out of their way to be bad boss, and sometimes mistakes can get made (bosses are only human too). However, like everything, there can be room for improvement and we think there are certain skills and attributes that are imperative to becoming a great boss!

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The Fair Work Commission (FWC) recently announced significant changes for the retail industry, that have come as a surprise to many Australian retailers in the lead up to Christmas.

From 1 November 2018, casual employees engaged under the General Retail Award 2010 will be entitled to an additional 15% pay for all work performed on a Saturday. This is up from the additional 10% when working between 7am – 6pm on a Saturday (plus their casual loading of 25%). … keep reading

Employment rules and regulations in Australia are numerous! Over time, we’ve heard business owners repeat myths and misunderstandings regarding their employer obligations, particularly regarding payments so today, we thought we’d cover some of the issues we’ve heard. Let’s hope they clear up any misconceptions for you, too!

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We don’t think there’s a business out there that hasn’t seen some impact from digital disruption. As a business owner or manager, reducing overheads is important, and often staffing costs represent a significant percentage of overall revenue.

Changing Workplace Processes
Digital disruption or automation may not always be initially obvious as a significant change. For example, 15 plus years ago, we had someone fold all our mail and insert into envelopes; then we used a mailing machine to do that same job, and now, most of our payslips are sent via email. These changes all helped with business efficiency, meaning staff could focus on more important responsibilities. … keep reading