It was recently International Women’s Day. If you haven’t been to a breakfast, lunch or evening drinks, to support this day of recognition and celebration, you’re really missing out…but International Women’s Day is about so much more than recognising the work of women on just one day of the year. As employers and business owners, we have a direct opportunity to contribute to gender equality in the workplace.

Have you noticed how many people are suffering from their first head cold of the ‘cooler’ seasons? Potentially the first of many through the cold and flu season. Often, we see people powering on at work through their cough and cold, but, the evidence shows it’s not great from a productivity point of view, and nor is it good for their colleagues who then also end up sick.

With Barnaby Joyce, the National Party Leader, in hot water over his relationship with a former media advisor, and Valentine’s Day this month, people have loved to ask questions about workplace relationships!

Is it ok to date someone that you work with?
Is it ok to ask them on one date?
What about employing someone you’re already in a relationship with?
What if they’re in a more senior/junior position?

It’s February, which means it’s love month here at Workplace Central. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples to look lovingly into each other’s eyes over a candlelight dinner anymore. It’s also a great time to remind your team why they’re important to you and your business. We’re six weeks in from the New Year, which means most people have forgotten their resolutions and are back into the daily grind. To get your team going again, here’s our top tips to celebrate the people in your business this Valentine’s Day: