Want to reward high-performing staff? Sure, you could simply give them a bonus, however, often that money is quickly forgotten, especially when most bonuses are paid by bank transfer. This can make a monetary reward less effective in the long term. Often monetary bonuses become ‘expected’ so the feeling of reward and recognition is reduced. Staff rewards don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be valued. Here’s a few of our favourites.


Actively recognising a job well done is a simple, but highly effective way to reward your staff. It’s important to consider the individual when recognising the employee’s effort though, as some will appreciate praise in private, whilst others will shine when recognised in front of their peers. Either way, timely recognition is incredibly powerful. Add a handwritten ‘thank you’ note and often this will be all the reward they need.


Rewarding employees with experiences, such as courses, seminars, conferences and workshops is a win-win. The employee gets an opportunity to learn and grow, and the employer has an employee who often comes back with fresh ideas and energy. Ask the employee for their input on which conference (or similar) they’d be interested in attending as they may have had their eye on an event you weren’t aware of.

Charity donation

Rather than simply paying a cash bonus, giving a donation (or part donation) to the charity of the employee’s choice extends the feeling of giving around the workplace. This can be particularly desirable for people who have a passion for a particular project or problem.

The best parking spot

It might seem silly, but rewarding an employee with the best parking spot for a week or month, can be a great perk, especially for larger workplaces with huge parking lots. It’s effectively free to do and can be implemented in many workplaces.

Time off

Many employees will appreciate paid time off as a reward. Whether it’s a sleep in, an early mark or perhaps the entire day off, taking time off is a popular perk. Time off, especially after a big project has been completed, can also help employees to unwind and refresh.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Team building activities are a great reward for the entire team. Whether it’s something fun and creative like a treasure hunt, a shared meal or a variety of other activities,  sharing time with colleagues in a different environment reinvigorates the team and opens communication.


For employers who aren’t confident in managing their employee needs, talk to us about our workforce management solutions. We’ve got a wide range of employment solutions to suit many businesses.


Don’t forget, this is general information only and doesn’t take your business circumstances into account.