Earlier this week, we recognised National Boss Day. A unique day to thank the bosses who have had a positive impact on your working life. Today, we’re reflecting on ways to improve in this important role.

Most bosses like to think they are a great boss. Most aren’t directly going out of their way to be bad boss, and sometimes mistakes can get made (bosses are only human too). However, like everything, there can be room for improvement and we think there are certain skills and attributes that are imperative to becoming a great boss!

  1. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

A great leader listens. Becoming a better boss is often less about you and more about the people who are working with you. Listening without planning what you’re going to say next, or questioning intent, whilst being approachable and available, will instantly improve your better-boss-o-meter score.


  1. Pay attention to what’s not being said.

Good business culture can often be undermined by what’s not said in the workplace. Being aware of underlying relationships, challenges and unsaid feelings can help you to empathetically resolve issues before they explode.


  1. Give recognition where it’s deserved.

Many surveys and studies have found that recognition at work makes a significant difference to staff satisfaction. Recognising a job well done, through specific acknowledgment is highly valued and will help you to become a better boss, by actively noticing the great work your team does.


  1. Set goals.

As a boss and a leader, creating SMART goals helps your team understand what’s expected of them at work. Plus, it helps you as a boss, fairly assess the work that’s required to be done, and when. Without goals, a team quickly falls into haphazard tasks that don’t always contribute to the ultimate objectives of the business.


  1. Make it personal.

If, as a boss, you remain cold and aloof to the people you’re working with, they simply won’t see you as a great boss (or even a good one). This doesn’t mean you need to become best friends with everyone you work with. Knowing that it’s their birthday, having a conversation about their weekend, or asking how their kids are, builds on the relationship and trust factors that come with being a better boss.


What else would you add to this list? At Workplace Central, we’re passionate about helping employers to employ their staff, through better systems, processes and relationships. Book a free consultation with a Workplace Partner, to assess your business suitability for our Workforce Management solutions.