We don’t own a crystal ball at Workplace Central, but we do like to keep in touch with business and industry trends. Here’s what we think we’ll be seeing more of in 2019:

The Agile Approach

From stand-up meetings and sprints to sticky notes, teams and iterations, we think we’ll see an increase in the ‘agile’ approach to managing work. Taking a lot of its success from the IT development industry, it can be a successful strategy for ‘the way we work’ in more traditional industries as well. As businesses work harder to engage the best talent for their teams, understanding this new way of work will become critical to those businesses that want to stand out.


The End of Performance Reviews?

Despite the information telling employers that annual performance reviews are often not beneficial from a feedback or productivity point of view, we’re not sure that the annual performance review is going to disappear completely. Certainly, we recommend that feedback is provided at the time, whether positive or constructive, but we also know there are many generations of the workforce who still expect this formal process in their workplace too. We’re hoping we’ll see more feedback occur at the time, but we think this will continue to happen with annual reviews, not instead of.


Automation Improvements

Despite the digital disruption age beginning many years ago, many businesses have moved slowly through this era without many changes. With Single Touch Payroll (STP) now encouraging, this move to online accounting systems, we believe this will also push through to better online and automated systems in other areas of traditional businesses. For employers, this may mean making hard decisions about whether the business still needs as many people to achieve the same results, or whether they can use their skills elsewhere in the business.


The Human Element

Businesses in 2019 need to recognise that the human element in their business is as important, if not more important than the automation components of their business. These businesses will stand out in their customer service, creating raving fans, not just regular shoppers. The relationships customers build with the people in these businesses will extend far past the cheapest option or the simplest system.


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