It’s February, which means it’s love month here at Workplace Central. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples to look lovingly into each other’s eyes over a candlelight dinner anymore. It’s also a great time to remind your team why they’re important to you and your business. We’re six weeks in from the New Year, which means most people have forgotten their resolutions and are back into the daily grind. To get your team going again, here’s our top tips to celebrate the people in your business this Valentine’s Day:


  1. Say it with flowers.

It might be cliché, but a bunch of flowers brightens up a desk (and your employees faces) like nothing else. Just don’t go overboard and put their significant other to shame! If flowers aren’t really their style, chocolates are generally a safe bet too!


  1. Share a meal.

Enjoying lunch as a team gives everyone the opportunity to connect and take a break. Consider supplying lunch or asking everyone to contribute a plate of food to share, so people are less likely to eat at their desks or on the run.


  1. Say thanks.

It’s easy to forget to properly thank the people you work with when you’re busy. Simply saying ‘thank you’ lets your team know they’re appreciated. If you’re feeling bold, write it in a card, with a thoughtful message.


  1. Go on a ‘date’.

Obviously, we don’t condone inappropriate behaviour at the workplace. If it’s possible to get out of the workplace for a while, Valentine’s Day provides a great excuse for a team building event or training day. Organised activities by the beach, cooking classes,


  1. Share the Love through Volunteering.

Volunteering makes a positive impact on the people who volunteer, as well as the community being served. Taking the team out, to help others less fortunate, helps with a fresh perspective, An attitude of gratitude is an amazing gift to give your team, and there’s many organisations in your local area who could do with a helping hand.


Workplace Central is the first official corporate member of the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific. We’re proud to be associated with such an active and committed club and our team love to give back to our community, and overseas initiatives, through this relationship.

What are you going to do this Valentine’s Day, to share the love at your workplace, or in your community? We’d LOVE to hear about it!