It’s Queensland Small Business Week, one of our favourite weeks of the year! To recognise the week, we’re sharing our top five reasons we love small businesses. As the backbone of the Australian economy, we love seeing small businesses thrive in the community!

1. Small businesses are often a reflection of someone’s dreams and heartfelt desires. Want to escape the rat race? Want to be in control of your future? Love something so much you’ll work in it, day in, day out (possibly for less money than in you had a ‘job’, at least initially)? That’s small business owners; having a go, taking risks and hoping to make a few bucks along the way. We think it’s impossible to not love this courageous, determined, passionate attitude!

2. They invest and spend in their local community. As the saying goes ‘when you buy from a small business owner, someone does an actual happy dance.’ Because they know what it’s really like to get the sale that puts food on the table, we believe they’re much more likely to support other smaller businesses in the same situation. Thriving small businesses builds a greater, stronger, community-focused city.

3. Not only do small businesses invest and spend in their local community when running their business and households, they also tend to pay their fair share of taxes and rates (no sending profits offshore).

4. Small business owners tend to be creators, with a unique angle on their chosen industry. Sure, it’s great to know that a Big Mac is the same everywhere you go; but what’s also brilliant is experiencing new and different ideas! Small businesses can take risks and try things that big brands struggle to do. Being smaller allows businesses to be nimbler, get ideas to the market faster so we all benefit from their personal touch.

5. They employ local people, providing meaningful jobs and training. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) says small businesses (those with fewer than 20 employees) employ approximately 44% of all workers in Australia. Employing people isn’t always easy, so taking the steps required to employ almost half of the workers in Australia is a significant contribution to society.

We think small businesses are such an integral part of our community. If your business needs support in employment, human resources or safety matters, have a chat with our workplace partners today!