It’s not every day you get to have an international sporting event hosted in your backyard (or at least, down the highway a couple of hours)! It’s been a golden opportunity for Queensland to capitalise on the influx of visitors enjoying the games. It got us to thinking, what lessons can businesses learn from the Games competitors, spectators and organisers?

  1. It’s not all about you.

As a business owner, we can get caught up in thinking that without us, our businesses wouldn’t survive. We make it all about ourselves instead of celebrating the team supporting us through many critical moments. The Commonwealth Games closing ceremony did a similar thing, by focusing on the organisers and dignitaries, rather than the competitors. The uproar following this issue is a great reminder that celebrating and acknowledging the team, having them share the spotlight, is critical to the culture of the business and its overall success.

  1. Team work makes the dream work.

Having a great team can help you to achieve your wildest dreams. The Australian women’s 4x100m freestyle relay team are a testament to that, breaking a world record and winning gold medals on the opening night of the pool events. Three of the team members have been competing together since at least 2014, which gives them an advantage in understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses. From this, business owners can learn that even individual superstars can work together to create a formidable team, bound for success.

  1. The MVP isn’t always the gold medallist.

It was a touching moment to see our 10,000m women’s finals competitors wait for the last place competitor to cross the finish line, on a muggy, exhausting day. Pictures of these women, congratulating the final competitor flooded the internet, and for good reason. None of these women won the race, but they won the hearts and minds of the world. This welcoming gesture, after such a gruelling race, reminded us all how we could add a little more kindness to our days.

  1. Business is a marathon (and sometimes you need to ask for help).

Running a business is a long-term commitment that’s not for the faint of heart. Just like a marathon, you’ve got to pace yourself perfectly, to achieve your goals. However, unlike a marathon, you don’t get disqualified if you ask for help. In fact, business mentors and experts often help business owners become successful, as it’s incredibly difficult to be an expert on every aspect of running a business. In your business, what do you need to ask for help with?


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