Get fit?

Walk the dog?

Spend more time with the family?

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? Most of us have in mind at least one New Year’s resolution, even if we don’t admit it to everyone. We know most of us will also fail to achieve success in any of these goals. By February, that commitment we made to ourselves, while surrounded by friends and fireworks, has largely disappeared.

If you were to set resolutions for your business for 2018, what would they be? Growth? More or different staff? More time off? Less stress? To improve your likelihood of achieving your resolutions, there’s a few simple rules you need to follow:

1. S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Yes, you’ve heard of them, you know you’re supposed to create S.M.A.R.T. goals, but do you? Your goals should be:






If you need ‘more’ staff, perhaps it looks a little like; ‘I will hire 2 new employees, with high level typing skills, in the customer service department, by the end of January 2018.’

2. Write it Down and Tell Someone

Writing down your resolutions can help you become up to 42% more likely to achieve them, according to this research. Importantly, you need to write down your goals, not simply type them. You’re often more accountable to a goal if you’ve told someone about it. At Workplace Central, we have ‘accountability buddies’ when the team need to achieve a specific target. An accountability buddy helps to keep you on track towards your target; no one wants to tell their colleague that they didn’t do what they said they would!

3. Create and Apply Action Steps

It’s easy to write down a resolution, and even tell someone, but to get your resolutions achievable in 2018, create and write down the next action steps to achieve your desired results. Then do it! Breaking down a big goal, into simple, manageable steps, helps to reduce the overwhelm of ‘what next?’ Using the new staff example, you could create next steps like:

  1. Call 3 local recruitment (or workforce management) companies and get quotes.
  2. Choose the company with the best fit for my business.
  3. Agree on position description details for the job advertisement.
  4. Agree on date for applications to close.


What else do you do to achieve your business resolutions? The team at Workplace Central would love to help you achieve them in 2018. Contact us today, for a friendly chat about how our workforce management solutions could help you.