If you feel that 2016 is simply flying by and you feel Christmas is just around the corner, it’s likely that you’ve been head-down working so hard that you haven’t had a chance to stop, review and appreciate what you’ve achieved so far. It’s at this point that you deserve to take a break, reflect on your last financial year and make new plans to ensure 2016-17 is an even better financial year than the last.

Aside from managing tax requirements and reporting, some businesses often let this time of year pass by without a second thought but we feel it’s such a great time to take a moment to review and reset other aspects of your business so that everything is working in unison towards your overarching goals.

We encourage you to review the following and, where possible, involve your employees so that you receive useful insights and feedback and have team buy-in to the direction of the business, which should allow for greater productivity and achievement of goals.

  • Did you meet your 2015-16 goals for the business?
  • Does the business need new goals or should the current goals be adjusted?
  • Do new marketing strategies need to be developed?
  • How has your workforce changed? Was it for the better?
  • Does the corporate culture need a boost?
  • Were staff performance reviews completed?
  • Who were the star players in the last financial year, how can they be acknowledged and rewarded?
  • Do staff roles need to be updated?
  • Will there be a need for additional human or other resources in the near future?
  • What went really well this year?
  • What could do with some improvements?
  • Who were the top clients and can they be acknowledged?
  • What product/service was most popular and can it be leveraged further?
  • What tasks are taking up too much time and could be more streamlined? I.e. Administrative tasks, workforce management, payroll, sick days etc.
  • What are the competitors up to?
  • What new regulations or requirements are now in place that need to be addressed to remain compliant?

If you’re unsure of your employment requirements or want to review the best way to manage your workforce, the team at Workplace Central are ready to take your call and would love to shout you a coffee to see how we can make your job easier and your business run smoother with streamlined staffing processes.