School holidays are coming up again for two weeks from the 17th of September. Now is a great time to ensure you’re prepared for this period which may be busy or quiet, depending on the kind of business you’re in. For retail and hospitality businesses this is generally a time of increased trade so it’s important to ensure you are well staffed and well stocked. Effective preparation will allow you to maximise your sales and keep your team happy during school holiday periods!

Team coverage
During school holidays team members with children may wish to take time off and school-aged staff may wish to pick up more hours. It’s a great idea to talk to your staff about their plans for school holidays and to let them know if extra hours are available so you can coordinate a plan that will benefit both your business and your team. Get your updated rosters out as early as possible to ensure you have sufficient staff coverage.
Also consider whether you’ll need to take on casual holiday staff, which can be a great backup in case of unexpected staff shortages. Casual employees are great resources to meet the fluctuating or ad-hoc needs of your business.

Do you have a plan to maximise your sales?
If you are expecting an increase in customers through the door you may benefit from adjusting your day to day operations to accommodate rushes.

  • Consider whether you have enough/resources and stock to service an increase in customers or clients
  • Create a plan for staff to work to, to ensure daily housekeeping and procedures are undertaken on busier days
  • Create ways to attract and engage with current and new customers. Consider school holiday promotions or increased advertising both online and in traditional media

Set a date to review your postholiday results
Once business is back to status quo it is important to review how your holiday period plan worked for you. Reviewing sales, profits, expenses, staff coverage, customers through the door and the positives and negatives of the period will be extremely helpful in future planning and will provide guidance on improving your business even for normal trading periods.