Signs of spring emerged quite early this year on the Sunshine Coast and for many of us it brings an itching to clean, refine and renew! It’s a perfect time as any to take a look at your business and freshen things up. Don’t wait until the end of the year when deadlines come crashing down and the New Year is hot on your tail, now is the time to get things organised and ready!

Some areas of your business that may need a spruce:

Administration systems:
Consider what you can streamline, declutter, archive in order to support efficiencies in every other area of your business

Is it time to do a throw-out of gadgets you’ve been holding onto just in case? Is software up to date? Are replacements required?

Now is a great time to organise folders, shift old files onto hard drives to free up space, update software, clean out email inboxes and even give your machine a good old fashioned clean – especially mouses and keyboards!

Review your processes and ask yourself what can be improved and what works. Talk to clients and staff to gather further information on ways you can become more efficient or enhance customer service.

Office Space:
Floors, windows, walls, desks – leave no stone unturned and see the wonders this will do for your working environment!

Have an objective party use your website and give a review on their experience. Was everything they needed to use easy to access? Are your key services and contact details clear and prominent?

Marketing and Social Media:
Have a critical look at the ways in which you are reaching out to your customers and clients. Consider whether you are putting enough focus in the right areas and also opportunities for the remainder of the year, especially looking to the Christmas period.

Team management:
A perfect time to review your team, your management style and the needs of your business. If you need professional assistance the team at Workplace Central are ready to take your call and would love to shout you a coffee to see how we can make your job easier and your business run smoother with streamlined staffing processes!