Harmony Week runs from 17 – 23 March. Celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity, it’s about inclusiveness and respect. In light of recent events in Christchurch, Harmony Week couldn’t have come at a better time. This year, for Harmony Week, we thought we’d share some ideas to improve the inclusiveness and cultural respect within your business.

Share a meal

At Workplace Central, we’ve often celebrated Harmony Day (Thursday 21 March) with a shared meal. Everyone brings a dish to represent their cultural background and we learn a little more about each other. It’s a great way to easily try new things, learn about different cultures and have a bit of fun.

Adopt a holiday

Respectfully adopting a holiday, perhaps one that’s celebrated by someone within your workplace, is an interesting way to learn about different cultures. HarmonyWeek.gov.au has a great calendar of cultural and religious dates that can help your team learn and be respectful of other cultures’ significant dates.

Enjoy games and sports

Harmony Week is a great excuse to try different activities with your team. Perhaps you’d like to try Tai Chi (Chinese martial art), or a children’s game, like Shadows, an Irish game where the players must stand on the opponents shadow in order to ‘catch’ them. There are hundreds of ideas online, or ask for ideas from the team for games and sports that are popular within their culture.

Learn a new language

If you’re lucky enough to have a team member who speaks more than one language, providing time for them to provide a crash course in their language is a fun way to learn new things and bring people together.

Check in on your biases

It’s possible you have some negative cultural or religious biases that don’t promote inclusiveness and respect. If you’re self-aware and can identify this, consider how you could overcome it and replace these feelings with positive experiences with different cultures.


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Don’t forget, this is general information only and doesn’t take your business circumstances into account.