The Fair Work Commission has made some changes to the following awards, effective from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2020.

Specifically, these changes include:

Social and Community Services Award

Casual employees covered by the Social and Community Services Award will get their casual loading in addition to the penalty rates when they work on Saturday, Sunday or overtime.

For weekend work, casuals will be paid:

  • 175% of their ordinary hourly rate for work on Saturday
  • 225% of their ordinary hourly rate for work on Sunday.

Aged Care Award

Casuals covered by the Aged Care Award are now entitled to:

  • 175% of the ordinary hourly rate for work on Saturday
  • 200% of the ordinary hourly rate for work on Sunday
  • 275% of the ordinary hourly rate for work on a public holiday.

Building and Construction Award

There have been various changes made to the Building and Construction Award. These include:

  • removing a number of special rates and allowances and increasing the industry allowance, to simplify wages (clause 21.1)
  • introducing time off instead of overtime (clause 36.17)
  • adding an early morning shift (clause 34.1)
  • varying the living away from home – distant work arrangements (clause 25.4)
  • updating the fares and travel pattern allowance (clause 25.1)
  • altering the rates for forepersons and supervisors (clause 43.2)
  • annual leave loading will now be calculated on the employees ordinary hourly rate (clause 38.2)
  • soil and concrete and aggregate testing employees are no longer covered by the award.

Joinery Award

The following changes apply to the Joinery Award:

  • updating the transfers, travelling and working away from the usual place of work provision (clause 24.5)
  • introducing time off instead of overtime (clause 30.9)
  • employers and a majority of their employees can now agree on changing ordinary hours of work and rostering, breaks and overtime (clause 31.1).

Mobile Crane Award

Changes to the Mobile Crane Award clarify and change the amount of the accommodation and overnight allowance in clause 14.3(e).

Miscellaneous Award

The Miscellaneous Award has been varied to clarify who it covers. The clarification means employees who were previously not covered by an award, might now be covered by it.

If an employer is covered by an industry award (for example, the Retail Award) and there is no classification in that award for the employee, the Miscellaneous Award previously couldn’t cover them. Now, the Miscellaneous Award could cover these employees.

The Miscellaneous Award still doesn’t cover managerial employees and professional employees such as accountants and finance, marketing, legal, human resources, public relations and information technology specialists.

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