Are you aware of which retail businesses may only open after 1pm on ANZAC Day (April 25)? Read on to find out when you can open your doors:


  • Non-exempt shops must remain closed throughout the day, however there are some exceptions. Businesses who fall within the following categories may remain open:
    • Racing venues and TAB (QLD) agencies.
    • Wine and liquor venues.
    • Real estate offices may not conduct open houses or sell property on this day. However, the business may still serve renters.
    • Distributors of gas, electricity and water services as well as newspapers.
    • Hospitality venues may complete food preparation.
    • Cinemas, amusement parks and sporting events must remain closed until 1:30pm, unless they have been authorised by the appropriate body.
    • Crucial manufacturing and mining projects may continue.
  • Exempt shops are excused from regulations regarding trading hours on ANZAC Day.

ANZAC Day is a public holiday, Australia wide, and some industries are prohibited from opening at any time on this day. If you have any questions concerning wages or opening hours, contact a Workplace Partner on 1300 766 380.

*The links within this blog post only refer to QLD Government Regulations. Please refer to your state’s government resources or contact us should you have an interstate inquiry.