It’s a little known fact that we offer recruitment services. We successfully recruit new employees for our many clients all year round, including large recruitment drives for seasonal work. Through these years of experience, we’ve found there isn’t a one-size-fits-all for most businesses, but there are some best practice methods to make the process more successful.

Hire for fit, not just experience

Our recruitment style is to recruit with a high regard to attitude and reliability, whilst also honing in on the skills needed for the role. A great attitude and a willingness to learn (with some experience) can result in a winning combination for a new hire. A poor attitude and fit is unlikely to ever result in an enjoyable employment experience, even if the applicant has a huge amount of experience.

Be prepared with a position description

By creating a position description, before commencing the recruitment process, this creates clarity around what attributes and skills are most important for the role. It makes the position vacant ad easier to write and ensures there is a PD available for the new hire.

Reviewing all the resumes

Often, there are scores of resumes to sift through for each position advertised. When recruitment isn’t what you do on a daily basis, fairly reviewing each application is time consuming and often confusing. As experienced recruiters, knowing what to look for with each application, to find the best short-list of candidates, is just part of why our clients choose to work with us. Making this process less overwhelming means our clients can focus on productive, positive interviews.

Consistency in the interview process

Inexperienced employers tend to take a casual, informal approach to interviews. Although a casual approach is often a great way to get to know someone, when an interview is too unstructured, it can be difficult to fairly assess candidates. By working with experienced recruiters, a casual interview can still maintain structure, with interview questions helping to determine the ideal hire.


If you’ve been putting off recruiting for a new employee because it’s just too much time and effort, let’s talk. We talk an all-encompassing approach to tailor recruitment to each client’s needs. We can complete end to end recruitment services or help you with just part of the process, like position vacant advertising and resume screening, often the most time consuming part of the process.


This is general information only and doesn’t take your specific circumstances into account.