After the Fair Work Commission completed a Modern Award review process in 2017, they have been rolling out weekend penalty rate variations across various industries in phases.

On 1st July 2020, they rolled out Phase Four with updated Sunday penalty rates coming into effect for those working in the Retail and Pharmacy industries.

If casual shift work staff work Sundays and are employed under the General Retail Industry Award 2020, they will now receive a Sunday shift rate of 200% on the base rate (previously 175%).

However, for full-time or part-time workers in the Retail industry, Sunday rate penalties decrease as follows:

· Non-shift worker who is Full-time or Part-time – 150% (previously 165%)

· Shift worker who is Full-time or Part-time – 175% (previously 190%)


Employees under the Pharmacy Industry Award 2020 that work Sundays, whether Casual, Full-time or Part-time, will see penalty rates reduced:

· Full-time and Part-time – 150% (previously 165%)

· Casual – 175% (previously 190%)

While these are the last scheduled changes for Full-time and part-time workers under both awards, casual workers under the General Retail Industry Award, should keep their eyes peeled for a new update due to be released in October 2020.

To see a full list of rate changes according to your industry and to calculate how these changes affect your pay, follow the link to the Fairwork website and select your industry from the ‘What do the penalty rate changes mean for you?’ graphic.


If you’re stuck on how to apply these changes to your business, get in touch with our Workplace Partners ASAP.


*This is general information only and doesn’t take your specific circumstances into account.