This Saturday is Earth Hour, a movement to encourage individuals and businesses to switch off their power for an hour (starting an 8:30pm local time). It’s an active step towards making more positive choices when it comes to electricity and resources use across the globe.

Our office will be closed, with the power off, as it is every Saturday night, however as individuals, choosing to make this choice also make an impact.

As a business, we’ve been actively making choices that impact the environment less over the past few years. As an office, we’re committed to using less paper, in particular through providing payslips online, rather than posted. This results in reducing the use of reams and reams of paper and probably litres of printer ink.

The Earth Hour team have produced a great resource of handy hints to get your business involved in Earth Hour, including:

1. Being a conscious consumer.
2. Use less energy.
3. Join the renewable energy revolution.
4. Use less, recycle, reuse, share.
5. Redirect financial flows.
6. Join the conversation.
7. Talk to your local politicians.

You can see the entire handbook here.

Making choices for your business to become a sustainable, conscious consumer can also be a powerful tool to build your business brand and HR influence. These attitudes can attract more ideal candidates through identifying aligned values and attributes.
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