If you still need to hire your Christmas casuals, we can help! Our team helps clients successfully recruit staff throughout the year, and the upcoming silly season is no different. Whether you’re looking to hire a team of casuals for a short term increase in customers, or someone who may work out for the longer term, we recommend still sticking to hiring best practices.

No matter the role, our recruiting solutions (or recommendations for those who want to DIY) include:

Hire for fit, not just experience

It’s often easier to train someone with a little experience to become more competent than it is to train the right attitude and reliability. A great attitude and a willingness to learn (with some experience) can be the right combination for successful hiring. Not only is a poor attitude difficult to manage, but it can also adversely affect the rest of the team culture, bringing the entire workplace down.

Be prepared with a position description

Having a documented position description in place helps to write the position vacant ad, clearing covering the skills, attitude and experience required. This, in turn, helps candidates best present an application that fits the brief, increasing the number of applicants who apply who may be suitable for the role.

Reviewing all the resumes

We know that reviewing the scores of resumes that come in can be overwhelming. When you don’t strategically manage this process, great applicants can fall through the cracks, or you can become very inconsistent in what the critical factors are for your applicants. For example, is it critically important that spelling is perfect in applications for a role that requires very little written communication?

Consistency in the interview process

In an effort to appear ‘casual’ and ‘friendly’, inexperienced employers recruiting for roles tend to be quite inconsistent in their interview process. By keeping a consistent process for each interview, you’ll be better able to compare ‘apples with apples’. This also gives each applicant an equal opportunity to impress at the interview stage.


If you don’t have a plan for hiring your Christmas casuals, beyond getting an ad online, let’s talk. We can complete end to end recruitment services or help you with just part of the process, like position vacant advertising and resume screening. We’re here to help.


This is general information only and doesn’t take your specific circumstances into account.