One of the best things about this time of year, is that it gives us, as business owners and managers an opportunity to reflect on our achievements and opportunities for growth. Taking the time to acknowledge these moments makes creating strategies and setting goals for 2018 much easier!

When you look back at 2017, how do you rate yourself against these 20, human resource focused, questions?

  1. Did I provide feedback to my employees?
  2. Could I have provided feedback in a timelier manner?
  3. Did I encourage my employees to ask questions?
  4. Did I ask my team for ideas and feedback for improvements?
  5. Were hard decisions made about staff, courageously?
  6. Did I do what I said I was going to do?
  7. Did I review my policies and procedures to ensure they still reflected business practices?
  8. Were pay rates reviewed for my employees?
  9. Did I provide any formal performance reviews?
  10. Did I set a budget for training & education? Was it utilised?
  11. Did I set a budget for safety improvements? Was it spent?
  12. Were upgrades made to any personal protective equipment (PPE)?
  13. Did we upgrade any workplace tools, chairs, computers etc. we supply for employees?
  14. Did we encourage any social activities for our team?
  15. Did I encourage involvement at meetings?
  16. Did we reduce the number of unproductive meetings?
  17. Did I use data-driven metrics to set KPIs for my team?
  18. Were people held accountable to their KPIs.
  19. Were achievements celebrated?
  20. Have I involved my team in planning for 2018?

It’s possible you’ll feel like you haven’t ticked off many of these, either because you’re a hard task-master, or you’ve been so busy ‘doing’, that these key human resource issues haven’t been a priority. We recommend working with your team to implement the improvements you’ve identified through these questions. Plus, if you need support in managing your success with people management, you can contact us for a free consult!

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