As a workforce management solution, we often recruit for various roles for our clients. Recruiting, especially for multiple positions, can be a time-consuming task, not for the faint of heart. To manage these recruitment drives, it helps to keep an organised plan of how to tackle the task. Here’s our top 5 tips to running a successful recruitment drive.

  1. Get Clear on Expectations

One of the best ways to get clarity on what’s required for the role is creating a job/position description at the outset of the recruitment process. The position description provides detail on all the main requirements and relationships of a role, which can then easily be copied into a position vacant advertisement.

  1. Decide where to advertise

There are options galore when it comes to advertising for a position vacant. Consider your potential employee and the places they’re most likely to look, when searching for a role. In some cases, advertising a role on an online job board may not reach all the great potential applicants you need to meet. Social media, newspapers, industry magazines or other advertising avenues may all play a part in a successful advertising campaign.

  1. Timing is Everything

When recruiting for multiple positions, it’s important to start the recruitment process early. Dozens of interviews and reference checks all take time, and no one wants to feel rushed through such an important process. However, you don’t want to start the process to early either, as successful candidates are only prepared to wait so long to start work.

  1. Arrange Group Activities

A great opportunity exists for large recruitment drives, to plan and perform group activities that measure individual’s capabilities for working in a team environment. This can be fun for the recruiters too, however, it’s important to ensure the activities do bring value to the overall recruitment process. Consider an activity that directly relates to the type of business the applicants are hoping to work with.

  1. Provide detailed FAQs

When running a large recruitment drive, you may find it useful to prepare a simple, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, to answer the multiple questions you’re likely to receive about the same issue. This could be; who provides the uniforms? When will I know if I’m successful? What’s the maternity leave policy? And many more. It’s great when applicants ask questions, but it’s even better when they see that their questions are likely to be answered before they ever need to ask them.


If you’re struggling with your recruitment processes, get in touch with us today and we’ll be sure to help you!