A key component of any successful business is strong employee engagement. When people are engaged they are both interested in and dedicated to their work and far more capable of achieving more for their company and for themselves. One of the best things about increasing employee engagement is that it is completely mutually beneficial to employers and employees alike. Below we have listed 7 ways you can boost employee engagement which in turn will produce better results for your business and empower plus strengthen your team.

  1. On boarding process
    Start your employees on the right footing by ensuring forms and paperwork are organised, employees have a clear work space (and uniform if applicable), and all the information they need to settle into their role is available. This will assist your new hire in getting acquainted with their work sooner and also make them feel they will be cared for throughout their employment with your organisation.
  2. Set challenges to discover potential
    Provide your employees opportunities to work on new projects and solve bigger challenges than what they would usually come across in their routine tasks. Seeking input from staff who are on different responsibility levels will not only further individual’s’ potential but may even also open management teams up to new ways of thinking or solutions to problems.
  3. Identify and support the areas of strength for individual team members
    If you notice team members have predominant strengths or aptitudes work out how you can foster them and assist in matching the team member to tasks or roles they will thrive in.
  4. Allow individual team members to experience leadership
    Increasing the responsibilities of your employees and offering them a turn at leadership is a fantastic way to express to your employees your faith in their skills and ability to share these skills. It also allows the opportunity for employees to grow within your business and offer their unique insights to the rest of your team.
  5. Report back on the success of your business and your team’s contribution to it
    When your business strikes wins, let your team know and make sure to highlight the individual contributions that made your successes possible. A sense of shared achievement will not only bring your team together to work toward future goals but can also give individuals a greater sense of purpose in their role.
  6. Feedback/communication
    Providing feedback and communicating consistently with team members helps them to understand their strengths and opportunity areas, empowering them to develop within their role. It also allows you to understand their personal goals and work with them to these with the goals of your business. Without feedback and open communication employees may get off track and it makes it almost impossible to determine why employees have become disengaged.
  7. Feeling of community
    An employee’s sense of belonging is one of the most important elements of any successful team or organisation. A sense of community naturally leads to team members supporting one another in their goals, sharing successes and supporting one another when things don’t go to plan, making it far easier to move on and do better next time. A feeling of community can also have as huge of an impact as generating excitement to come to work each day to be challenged and furthered by like minds. Fostering a sense of community can be done through encouraging collaboration, providing lunchtime health and well being programs and hosting social functions.