We all know that we can’t change the number of hours in each day; no matter how hard we try to push the boundaries and squeeze in ‘just one more thing’… and then another and another. The only way we can achieve more is to make better use of our time and delegate or outsource tasks to others.
For many business owners and managers, the thought of delegating or ‘relinquishing control’ can be daunting. Please hear us when we say, you don’t have to do it all on your own and it makes better sense to share the load!

Failing to delegate is failing to make the best use of your time – The Constant Analyst.
When done properly, delegating and outsourcing can help your company achieve many advantages beyond dollars. When you lean on experts in various fields you can free up your time, reduce your stress and allow you to focus on the core aspects of your business where you are adding the most value and getting the most return for your efforts.

Here are the top advantages we see through outsourcing and delegating:

  1. You can focus on your core activities – when you aren’t bogged down with back-office tasks you free up your time to work on the parts of the business that really need your input and expertise. Don’t get stuck doing the ‘$20/hr’ tasks and miss out on the big-ticket opportunities.
  2. Reduce costs and increase efficiencies – if you or your employees are trying to work on something that is complex in nature or beyond your field of expertise, it is more cost effective and time efficient to pass this task on to someone who is well equipped to manage it. For example, IT services, HR or marketing. Consider the hours you’d spend or pay your administrators for trying to figure something out that could take someone else half the time.
  3. Reduce overheads – when you outsource a number of tasks you can reduce overheads for items such as office space, wages and insurances.
  4. Continuity and risk management – if there are functions of the business that are susceptible to risk or would be impacted by high employee turnover, then outsourcing these functions would limit your risk and allow for seamless continuity of services. Outsourcing the payroll functions of the business will ensure that regardless of who is present and who is on holidays, wages are always paid. There’s nothing worse than a cranky employee who has not been paid on time
  5. Stress management – what value do you place on your sanity and mentality? Removing yourself of the burden of ‘having to do it all’ or worrying that areas of your business are being neglected, can allow you the freedom to rest assured that others have it covered and you’re not in this on your own.

If you’re feeling over-burdened in your business and need someone to take the reigns on all things ‘people’, talk to us today about how our all-inclusive Workforce Management service can support you.