In the ever-evolving workplace, being on top of the latest trends can help attract the best staff, increase productivity and reduce surprises along the way. Today we cover 5 of the HR trends we’ve seen in 2018 that could change your HR practices.

1. Video Applications
They’re not yet status quo, but video job applications are appearing more than ever before. A written resume often fails to show the personality of the applicant, so video can be a good way to ‘meet’ applicants in the initial recruitment steps.

2. No More Annual Reviews
Workplaces are getting better at providing feedback to employees as it happens, which means saving it up for an annual review is a thing of the past. Instead, regular formal meetings are being used for support in goal setting and achievement.

3. Personal Projects
Businesses such as Atlassian and Google may be the big-name businesses creating personal projects programs, but smaller businesses can get on board with this great idea too. Effectively, individuals can use 10-20% of their work time on a ‘personal’ project. These projects are still owned and for the benefit of the company but haven’t been set as a task in a position description, for example. These projects might include improving workflow, introducing recycling initiatives or experimenting with new designs.

4. AI Improvements
Recently, Google Assistant was seen making appointments via phone, incredibly successfully.
As AI continues to improve and become more widespread, we expect to see that some positions will become redundant. This is also an opportunity to upskill, find new ways to add value and, to put it bluntly, not be replaced by AI.

5. Online Everything
From Tax File Number declarations, to staff satisfaction surveys, time sheets and rostering, there’s a huge push to get all your staffing details online. It helps for record-keeping purposes and for the looming Single Touch Payroll obligations. If you haven’t moved your HR requirements online yet, have a chat to our team about our simple solutions.

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