As experts in workforce management, specialising in Allied Health clerical staff, we understand the ins and outs of employment requirements, but we also know the top issues faced by Allied Health professionals who try to manage their own workforce.

When Allied Health professionals and Practice Managers come to us to take care of their workforce matters, it is often the result of frustration or overwhelm from trying to manage everything on their own and being faced with issues. Workforce management can be a full time job on its own but it doesn’t have to be yours.

From our experience speaking with those in the industry we came up with this top list of staffing issues faced by Allied Health management:

  • Spending a great deal of time interviewing and training staff, which cuts into either patient hours or personal time
  • Finding good clerical staff who perform on the job as well as they do in interviews
  • Finding good staff that have both good rapport with patients as well as clerical skills, a friendly personality is not enough to get the job done and some administration skills are assumed but not actually evident
  • Training staff on how to use specific software, even if they’ve come from a medical reception background the programs are usually different
  • Getting good staff who will happily work our standard ‘non-standard’ hours, who are reliable to turn up and not call in sick at the last minute
  • Managing payroll changes with staff on multiple award rates
  • Explaining and training staff on specific medical terms to help patients understand the services and charges
  • Dealing with re-training or firing staff who still under perform after they’ve completed their first few weeks on the job
  • Dealing with any staff injuries, compliance requirements, payroll adjustments

When you first opened up your own practice did you expect, or look forward to, dealing with staff issues and employment requirements? Don’t let it detract from your patient work now; partner with Workplace Central to handle all your workforce needs from recruitment through to payroll.

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