With winter well and truly upon us we can expect the delicious smells of last night’s winter warmers filling lunch rooms across the country, plenty of hot chocolates consumed throughout the day and the classic winter wardrobe essentials being donned.  Some parents may be looking forward to the holiday period and spending some time revelling in the wonders nature presents at this time of year.

However, along with the fun and festivities that comes with the change of seasons, so too come the germs and illnesses. No one likes to hear the sniffles and coughs of fellow commuters on public transport, or seeing co-workers’ rubbish bins fill with endless piles of tissues… then there’s the children with their snotty noses and grubby hands that just want to be held. When you start to look, germs are surrounding you and it may feel inevitable that you’ll come down with something this cold season.

To help prevent the spread of germs and the inundation of illnesses in the workplace and surrounds, we’ve researched some top tips for making this winter more healthy and hygienic.

  • Get your influenza vaccination for the best protection against the flu. Influenza vaccination is required every year as the influenza virus is constantly changing and each year the influenza vaccines are altered to provide protection against the strains that are circulating.
  • People with cold and/or flu symptoms should rest at home to get well and prevent spreading their condition to others in the workplace/school/general public.
  • Practice hand hygiene – see the handy video from Healthier Queensland

  • Practice good cough etiquette – cover your cough with a tissue or your arm, not with your hands. Drop used tissues immediately into a rubbish bin, and then wash your hands.
  • Wipe down all frequently touched surfaces regularly with a cleaning cloth dampened with detergent, or a large alcohol wipe.

We wish you a cosy and healthy winter!

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