Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable amongst their colleagues at work but unfortunately there can be situations where employees are made to feel the opposite.

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace and it is extremely important to understand what we can do to prevent and recognise bullying and harassment.

What is bullying:

Bullying is  repeated unreasonable behaviour towards another person or group of people which causes a risk to health and safety.

Examples of bullying include:

  • behaving aggressively
  • teasing or practical jokes
  • pressuring someone to behave inappropriately
  • excluding someone from work-related events or
  • unreasonable work demands.

Employers are responsible for ensuring their workers  know who they can talk to confidentially in the instance of repeated bullying to address the situation in the appropriate manner.  You can approach the person/s and ask him/her to cease their actions of bulling, if you do not feel confident or you feel this may aggravate the situation, then we strongly suggest you approach:

  • a supervisor or manager
  • a workplace health and safety representative
  • the human resources department
  • Call our Workplace Central on 1300 766 380 for advice

To help eliminate bullying in the workplace we recommend that all workplaces have a clear bullying policy and complaints procedure. This will provide you a framework to work from and will protect you and your workers while demonstrating a commitment to your worker’s well being.

For further information on this, you can download the Fair Work Commission’s Anti-bullying guide and read Safe Work Australia’s Guide for preventing and responding to workplace bullying here https://www.fairwork.gov.au/employee-entitlements/bullying-and-harassment.