Throughout the course of our careers, we meet people who have a profound influence on us and how we approach work. Inevitably, they’ll pass on advice that’s served them well (or sometimes not so well!) in their own lives. “Treat others the way they want to be treated” has worked well for me, more often than not, in my professional life, since what suits me isn’t always the same as what works for my colleagues.

Here’s some of the golden nuggets of wisdom our team said was the best career advice they’ve ever received:

“Smile, be confident and trust in yourself”. Helen

“Always, always follow up, do not wait for responses, as the outcome you were looking for is still your responsibility regardless of who and why there is a delay.” Gayle

“When writing emails / instructions/ reports etc. always assume the person is clueless, so over explain. I may be completely clear on my requests/instructions but never assume the person on the receiving end will understand.” Also, Gayle

“If I’m unsure of any task I’m given, I will always ask for more information. Five minutes at the start can save you hours later on. Better to be heading in the right direction, then wasting time doing it incorrectly.” Helena

“Pick a job that can utilise your natural talents. Know what they are and you will always enjoy what you do and be good at it.” Tricia


What career advice has made the biggest impact in your life???