From this year onwards, we have a new public holiday!

In December the Queensland Industrial Relations Bill that includes amendments to the Holidays Act 1983 was passed which means that from 2017 Easter Sunday in Queensland will now be a public holiday. Where we previously had only Easter Friday, Saturday and Monday as public holidays, Queensland now classes the most religiously significant day of the weekend as a public holiday too.

“It is considered that work on Easter Sunday should be treated and remunerated in the same way as the Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday public holidays that surround it; and as a result of having four public holidays in a row, where awards and agreements may place the decision to work on one or more of those days with the worker, a worker has a greater chance of benefiting from a four day break.” – Industrial Relations Bill Explanatory Notes (

Declaration of Easter Sunday as a public holiday will make Queensland consistent with public holiday arrangements in New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory where Easter Sunday is already a public holiday.

Businesses that operate across the Easter weekend, whether it’s in hospitality or retail sectors, need to be aware that the penalty rate loading’s for this day will change.

If you are unsure of how this change will impact your business or if you need help in updating your payroll systems to accommodate the new pay rates, talk to the team at Workplace Central about the best way to be compliant in your operations.

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