During the December rush as Christmas approaches many of us go shopping, searching for the perfect gift, or stocking up on yummy treats to eat. As a result, stores become overcrowded so many shops begin opening earlier and closing much later to accommodate the increase in customers. However, different categories of business must still adhere to trading regulations. Discover which QLD stores will be open for longer, during the Christmas – New Year holidays:


Independent Retail Shops
Independent retail shops have unrestricted trading hours, throughout the Christmas period; except on December 25. Independent retailers must remain closed on Christmas Day, unless they predominately sell food and groceries. These food retailers may remain open, if they wish.

FloristeExempt Shops
Some retail shops are exempt from regulations regarding trading hours, during the Christmas – New Year holiday period. These stores may trade whenever they wish, unless another Act applies, such as restrictions for licensed premises. Examples of exempt retailers include a flower shop, newsagency, service station, chemist, pet shop, tobacconist and many more.

Non-Exempt Shops
Non-exempt shops must remain closed on December 25; however special trading hours apply in the lead up to Christmas. Trading hours are extended each Sunday, over the four weeks prior to Christmas:

  • 29 November
  • 6 December
  • 13 December
  • 20 December

Trading hours are also extended the entire week before Christmas, from Wednesday December 18, to Thursday December 24. Non-exempt shops are permitted to trade on Boxing Day and New Years Day, in various areas of QLD.

Contact Workplace Central on 1300 766 380 for special trading hours advice regarding other states.