You may have heard us mention previously that Queensland is introducing labour hire licensing, which we can now confirm, will commence on 16 April 2018. From this date, labour hire providers (like us) will have 60 days to lodge an application for a license.

Legislation has also been passed in South Australia, for labour hire licensing, which will come into effect from 1 March 2018. Labour hire companies operating in South Australia will have 6 months to get a license from this date.


What does this mean for businesses?

For businesses operating in these states, it means that if you choose to use labour hire for your business (and there’s many reasons why you should) you’ll need to choose a licensed operator, or risk significant fines.

Once the systems are up and running, you’ll be able to search via an online public register for your labour hire provider.

Compliance with the schemes will be enforced through government inspections and audits of both labour hire operators and businesses that may use labour hire workers, either seasonally, or on an ongoing basis.


What Should Labour Hire Operators Expect?

As an existing labour hire company, we will be required to lodge an application which will cover:

  • Passing a fit and proper person test;
  • Evidence of complying with workplace laws;
  • Paying a license fee; and
  • Reporting every 6 months on staffing numbers, placements, injuries and accidents.

From there, applications will be assessed, and successful businesses will be added to the online register.


What’s Next?

We expect that many of the other states will follow the decisions of Queensland and South Australia over the coming 12 months. For business owners thinking about using labour hire, this should give you confidence in the industry, and won’t create much additional work, other than checking a public register.

If you’re investigating how labour hire can work for you, contact our friendly team today.