Marcia is our compliance facilitator and supports our clients and their staff in achieving their workplace goals, with a particular focus on workplace relations.

Coming from a background in senior management roles in retail and hospitality industries, Marcia has an extremely practical understanding of workplace issues facing employers and employees and how these can be managed for the benefit the workplace as a whole.  She encourages collaboration within the Workplace Partners team to achieve positive results and is a strong advocate for self-development and gaining skills that can improve her ability to help businesses flourish.

What Marcia most enjoys about being on the Workplace Central team, aside from working at her cool stand-up desk, is the versatility that the business offers. She relishes in being able to contribute to multiple projects and areas of the business or the clients’ business, especially when it involves research or helping others to solve conundrums.

For 8 years Marcia lived on a 50” yacht, but now in her spare time, Marcia is often found communing with the fishies in the deep blue sea, as she’s a big scuba diving fan! You can also find her poolside being entertained by her two water-loving pet pigs! This is Sequoia (aka Sekky) lazing by the pool: