Stephanie Day, Workplace Partner

Stephanie is one of our wonderful Workplace Partners who goes the extra mile when to it comes to recruiting to ensure the best outcome is achieved for employers and employees alike.

She believes being able to have a laugh with colleagues is imperative for a happy working environment and is an advocate for positive work environments and empowering corporate cultures that lead to greater retention, productivity and quality of work.

Understanding that workplaces need people and people need workplaces, Stephanie thrives upon the satisfaction that comes from placing the ideal candidate in a vacant position – it’s a triple win every time a placement is filled. When no two days are ever the same for Steph, she enjoys keeping on her toes, interacting with various kinds of people and solving problems to make for happy customers and colleagues.

When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Steph at the beach! She meditates down on the sand each afternoon and spends most weekends soaking up the sun and surf. Being quite active with a ‘go-getter’ attitude, Steph has been known to take adventures, get involved in sports and generally spend time outdoors.  Although she also loves a good cook-up in the kitchen every Sunday along with a nice glass of red.

Connect with us to see how our Workplace Partners, like Stephanie, can help you build a better workforce and manage all the employee requirements to keep you focused on your core business.