It’s been a time of change for the Workplace Central team over the past year. We’ve had a long and proud history of providing employment solutions for local, small businesses, which we’re excited to transform in 2018.

Once a labour hire provider of up to 2000 people per week, our business model had to change, and along the way, some of our clients weren’t going to fit with the new model. It unfortunately meant we’ve had to say goodbye to some great people (you know who you are), while we regroup; provide amazing service to the client’s who’ve stuck by us; and roll out our new business model to busy business owners who need a hand with their recruitment, payroll, human resources and safety.

As part of this transformation, our CEO, Tatiana Porter, has moved out of that role, and will be transitioning to new adventures. For all of you who know Tatiana, you know she is an amazing woman who had brought a lot to this company.

Ben Haycroft is taking over the reins of Workplace Central, and with his guidance, drive and personality, we’re looking forward to delivering the employment solutions that employers really need.

Although change can be challenging, we truly believe that change can help us all grow, teach us to be flexible and will offer new opportunities. The latest in a long line of changes, will be that of the Labour Hire Licensing laws coming into effect in April. We’re making sure our systems and processes are quality, high level solutions, so our clients and employees benefit, and licensing (hopefully) becomes a simple process.

We’ll also be moving office soon. If you’d like to meet with any of our team, we’re always happy to come to you (or a great coffee shop). It’s time to get out of the shed!

To see the team in person, join us at our rooftop pop-up party on Wednesday 21 February from 5pm, at Kon-Tiki, Maroochydore. We’d love to see you there, please email us at [email protected] if you’d like to join us.