With Summer almost here, there are some unique HR challenges that we often see at this time of year. To keep your summer as stress-free as possible, we’ve compiled our top tips for surviving the summer silly season.

Surviving ‘Summer Slacker Syndrome’

We didn’t invent this phrase, but as far as describing the occasional person (maybe it’s even you) who would rather be at the beach than at work, we think it’s a great description. This lack of motivation to complete the work at hand, because the days are beautiful outside and the wind down to Christmas has started, can be challenging. We recommend setting daily goals for what you need to achieve, and then reward yourself (or your team) when it’s all complete.


Inducting Christmas Casuals

For many businesses, Christmas casuals are an important part of surviving this busy season. Inducting and training them to be effective for your business, BEFORE it gets busy makes good business sense. These employees then become a valuable asset during your busy trading times.


Christmas Party Time

Christmas parties are a great opportunity to thank those who have contributed to your business throughout the year. Whether it’s your work Christmas party, or you’ve been invited to someone else’s, remember to drink in moderation (if at all), eat plenty of food and drink water. You don’t have to get drunk to have a great time and the last thing anyone wants is to spoil a great day with an HR complaint. Check out our blog post for more advice.


Managing Leave Requests

By now, we would expect that anyone who wanted to apply for annual leave over the Christmas and New Year period would have done so by now. Depending on your business, the festive season can either be the busiest time of the year, or the quietest. Either way, having a clear policy on how you approve annual leave requests will help to reduce arguments about who gets to take leave during a busy time, or remind people why the business shuts down.


Have Fun!

It is the ‘silly season’ after all, so we recommend finding ways to bring some Christmas cheer into your workplace. Whether it’s with decorations, shared lunches, Christmas-themed competitions, Secret Santa or corporate challenges, enjoying this time of year is great for team morale.


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