Ben Haycroft, Director and Workplace Liaison.

It’s not hard to strike up a conversation with Ben if you like anything to do with pop culture, fishing, travelling and food. In fact, you could talk about almost anything with Ben… he loves a good chat and his favourite part of working at Workplace Central is meeting with new clients and solving problems.

With a background in OHS, Ben enjoys working with clients to create simple solutions that suit workplace needs.

When he’s in the office, Ben sits on a fit ball at his desk, listening to an old Abba vinyl record, planning his next on-site client visit.

Small business could be considered the backbone of the Queensland business sector, and in recognition not only for the economic contribution but also the passion, determination and employment opportunities they bring, small businesses are being congratulated and supported by the 2016 Queensland Small Business Week celebrations.

Many of us fall into the trap with our health and wellness, of it won’t happen to me! That only happens to other people…we’re too young, too fit, too busy to think about it! Yet it does happen… an unforeseen accident occurs, causing injury which affects your ability to do your job. This month’s case study, focuses on Emma Bogard, employed as a Personal Support Worker, who can relate to this false sense of security.