The Fair Work Ombudsman has recently updated the Fair Work Information Statement, which is required to be provided to all employees in the Federal employment system when they first start work with a new employer.

It’s important that you update your employee paperwork, whether provided online or via paper, to reflect this change. If you haven’t provided a Fair Work Information Statement to your employees in the past, this may be a good opportunity to provide one now.

The content has been rewritten for clarity on the most common issues seen by the Fair Work Ombudsman. This includes:

  • advising the rates of the National Minimum Wage;
  • providing a summary of National Employment Standard (NES) entitlements in table form; and
  • included summaries of common entitlement issues, as well as a web link for more information on each topic.

The updated information statement empowers employees to understand their employment conditions. It stands as a good reminder for employers to also review their understanding of these key employment areas.

You can get a copy of the updated Fair Work Information Statement via the Fair Work website.

If you’re finding the management of employee paperwork too demanding, or you’d like an easier way to manage payroll this year, let’s talk.



*This is general information only and doesn’t take your personal or business circumstances into account.