You know the scenario. Your alarm buzzes. Time to get up and get ready for work. You hit the snooze, roll over and go back to sleep. 10 minutes later it buzzes again. You sigh, stare at the ceiling and start contemplating how much it would cost to replace your phone because you are very likely to throw it out the window one of these mornings to silence that damn thing. Finally, begrudgingly, you get up and start getting ready for work.

Yup we’ve all been there. But what do you do about it? How do you get to the point of actually being happy at work so you can say goodbye to stress and just love your life more?

In this humble writers opinion, there is one secret that trumps all others. One secret that all other advice pales in comparison to.

Maybe you’ve been told to accept what is out of your control? Or to make work feel more like home by bringing in plants and pictures? Maybe you’ve read that you need to make friends at work and go out with them socially afterwards? (Do you really think this works for introverts? #justsaying )

Nope. These are trivial in comparison to THE secret.

You see if you truly want to say goodbye to stress and love your life more then there is only one thing to do.


If you can wake up every morning knowing that what you are about to do is going to have an impact in someone’s life (even if that is yours!), stress suddenly melts away. I’m not saying there is no stress at all. Only that the story of stress in your head changes from: “This is not worth the stress” to “Yes I am stressed but the outcome makes it worth it.”

All of a sudden you don’t really care if you have to do overtime. You know what you are doing is meaningful. Your boss is a bit of a *you-know-what*? It’s ok. Because you know you are making an impact in the world or the lives of others.

The secret really is that simple.¬†Finding what it is that brings you meaning… not so much so.

You see, you may need to bunny hop jobs and careers for a while until you find that one thing that ignites your soul. It may mean saying no to some really amazing opportunities because you know, deep down, that this one in front of you is just not going to leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day.

And you may make mistakes. You may take an offer, thinking it was the right one only to discover it’s not. Have the courage in these situations to tell your boss the truth. That this job is just not giving you the purpose and meaning in life that you thought it would. And trust me when I say, that although this conversation can be uncomfortable, you’ll be very surprised to learn just how much your boss wishes they had the courage to say the same thing to THEIR boss.

So although my advice is simple: Make your work meaningful; I understand that it is not necessarily easy. But… isn’t the discomfort of the journey worth it to finally embrace the secret of being happy at work and saying goodbye to stress… permanently?


What do you think? What’s your secret to happiness?