As a reflection of the changing nature of the workplace, the Fair Work Commission has recently announced and prepared a model ‘work from home’ schedule. Currently, most awards don’t directly reflect this working arrangement which has become significantly more common due to restrictions as a result of COVID-19.

According to the information note from the Fair Work Commission:

“Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that almost one-third of employed persons regularly performed some work from home prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional data found that around 3 in 10 employees had home-based work as a workplace entitlement. For those that did work from home, fewer than half had a formal working from home arrangement with their employer.”

The Work From Home model schedule is suggested as a starting point, knowing that there will need to be adjustments for various awards (or that it wouldn’t be practical in some awards and circumstances).

It’s currently suggested that:

  • An employee could write to their employer to request to work from home on some or all workdays.
  • The employee may also request a change to their usual times of work when working from home.
  • The employee could request to compress the working week into fewer days
  • Similarly to other flexibility agreements, the agreement would need to be documented in writing, kept for 7 years.

You can access the full Statement from Fair Work Commission President, Justice Ross here.

You can access the Fair Work Commission information note here.


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*This is general information only and doesn’t take your specific circumstances into account.