Retail workers are the face of a business and our best bet is you’d like your employees to be enthusiastic, positive and helpful in their role. Workplace Central believes that happy and supportive work environments foster productive and loyal employees and in-turn help customers/clients and the business overall.

So, our top tips to energise your retail workers is centered on developing a positive work culture and prioritising wellness:

  • Look at team building options that involve a physical, outdoor activity – make it fun, inclusive and health focused with goals that the team can be proud of reaching together
  • Encourage healthy meal options by swapping out celebratory cakes with healthier snack options
  • Provide incentives and rewards that encourage healthy, stress-busting behaviour such as yoga vouchers, massage vouchers, healthy smoothies, classes or similar
  • Sponsor health-focussed events like marathons or wellness events
  • Organise team meetings where staff can contribute ideas to team wellbeing initiatives
  • Lead from the top-down, show your commitment and encourage others who are helping develop this positive work culture.
  • When staff are working late during sales periods, help them make healthier decisions by providing healthy meal options rather than just going with a quick-fix fast food option.

See our Workplace Wellness page for more free resources and ideas!