As October marks Safe Work Month in Australia we encourage all businesses to review their current practices and work culture to ensure everyone has a safe and healthy workplace.

This is also a time to raise awareness of the unsafe practices and terrible injuries and fatalities occurring in workplaces across the country to remind everyone that safety IS important and safe practices need to be followed.

Did you know?

In Australia…

So far there’s already been 120 Australians killed at work this year!
We find this statistic so devastating and believe no workplace should be unsafe to work in.

36% Vehicle incident
13% Falls from a height
21% of fatalities were truck drivers

115,400 Serious claims each year
16% Muscular stress while lifting, carrying objects
16% Muscular stress while handling objects
29% serious claims made by labourers


Not only are the fatalities and injuries terribly impacting workers, their families and their colleagues, but the cost of work-related injury and disease is $61.8 billion to the Australian economy.

To help you review and improve your workplace policies and culture, take a look at our free resources, or contact our WHS specialist team for customised safety advice.

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