Hey there, you, slouching at your desk! When did you last get up, move your body, refocus your eyes, and your mind?! If you’re like most people in an office environment, it was probably far too long ago.

Getting up to microwave your lunch and then eating it back at your desk is terrible for your productivity and for your body. To improve your workplace wellness you should aim to do these activities every day:

Move your body. It’s ideal if throughout the day, you can alternate between sitting and standing. Too much sitting is now credited with many health problems and chronic disease, like heart disease. Take advantage of the incidental exercise you can do around the office, such as taking the stairs, or hold a ‘stand up’ meeting.



Exercise your eyes. Avoiding eye strain helps with your focus during a long time looking at your computer or laptop. You might feel a bit silly, but you can copy our eye exercises here.


Take a break. Test the Pomodoro Technique, where effectively you:

– Decide on a task to be completed.
– Set a timer for 25 minutes.
– Work exclusively on that task for 25 minutes.
– Take a short 2-5 minutes break.
– Repeat 4 times and then reward yourself with a longer break of around 20-30 minutes.


Eat wholesome food. Food is fuel, so filling up on chocolate from the office snack box might do the job briefly, but you will come down from that sugar high and be back at square one. Healthy, low GI foods are more likely to sustain you in the long term. Get away from the desk, and eat your meal mindfully- you’re less likely to over eat, and you’ll actually enjoy your food more!


Connect with someone. Connection with other people is imperative to maintaining relationships in the workplace. Make an effort to greet your colleagues in the morning, or if you work from home, check in with a minimum of one person through the day. If you can stand whilst on the call, or face to face, even better for increasing your incidental exercise through the day.


Sit safely (and stop sitting so much). Each individual has different ergonomic needs for their office-based work. Although quite long, at 19 pages, this WorkSafe QLD fact sheet has loads of relevant information for setting up your workstation.