December is a great time for both preparing for the year ahead and reviewing what we’ve achieved in the year past. You might be familiar with completing an annual employee review, but do you perform an annual business review? Reflecting on what you thought you would do, vs. what you did, especially for your employee practices, provides you with a valuable starting point for improving in 2019.

Here are some questions you could ask yourself for your HR practices in the past year, not in ranked order:

Did I review my policies and procedures, so they reflect what we do here (and what we should be doing here)?

Did I ask for feedback from my team regarding their policies and procedures, and did I take them into account for any updates?

Did I re-induct every employee into our policies and procedures?

Did I provide regular feedback to my team?

Did I ask for regular feedback from my team?

Did I review pay rates, either annually, or for the Federal Minimum Wage review?

Did I update my Workers’ Compensation insurance?

Did I review our safety practices?

Did I implement any recommended changes from our safety review?

Did I review the effectiveness of any changes I made to our HR or WHS practices?

How did I encourage my team to grow?

How did I manage training and education budgets?

Did we hold meetings that were, in hindsight, unnecessary?

Did I set KPIs and benchmarks for individuals and teams?

Did I include my team in the creation of these benchmarks?

Did I hold everyone (including myself) accountable for reaching (or not reaching) these KPIs?

Did we celebrate our wins?

Did we work on becoming an ‘employer of choice’?


If you can’t answer yes to each one of these questions in 2018, deciding to work towards these for 2019 is still a great step. If you need help with managing your employment and human resources needs, talk to our workforce management team about how we can help you in the new year!