Despite the unexpected challenges 2020 delivered, December is still a good time to review the past year and make plans to improve your business for the following year.

In fact, given the challenges that arrived in 2020, it’s a brilliant time to reflect on how your business responded to these challenges and where the opportunities arose.

Here are some of the ideas related to employing and managing your team, we think are worth reflecting on:


How did we communicate important information to our team this year? How could it have been improved?

How we were able to offer improved flexibilities to our team?

Did I review my policies and procedures, so they reflect what we do here (and what we should be doing here)?

Did I ask for feedback from my team regarding existing practices or new changes to manage COVID risk?

If we allowed employees to work from home, did we review their workspace for health and safety risks?

Did we continue to communicate to our team, regardless of where they were located?

Did we show compassion for stressed or anxious employees as COVID first became a significant challenge?

Did we review our pay rates?

Did we update our safety policies and procedures to reflect new COVIDSafe practices?

Did we encourage our team to grow & innovate?

Did we continue to invest in our team?

Did we hold meetings that were, in hindsight, unnecessary?

Did we celebrate our ‘wins’ even if they weren’t the ones we planned last year?


We hope your year was filled with opportunities, even if they weren’t the ones your anticipated when you received your business in December 2019.


If you need help with managing your employment and human resources needs, talk to our workforce management team about how we can help you in the new year!

*This is general information only and doesn’t take your specific circumstances into account.