It’s that time of year again! Many of our clients are in the midst of managing Easter school holiday madness, a busy time of year for many tourism operators on the Sunshine Coast!


In Queensland (and many other states), Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are public holidays, so keep this in mind when managing your staffing budgets in the coming weeks!

For businesses operating over the Easter break, there can be some confusion around what days and hours your business can open. For businesses operating in Queensland, there are certain restrictions under state legislation, for trading hours on Good Friday, which this year is Friday 19th April 2019.

Non-exempt shops, such as large retailers and hardware stores, or those selling cars or caravans, are required to be closed on Good Friday.


Some small businesses in Queensland fall under the category of an ‘exempt shop’ (other than independent retail shops), which have unrestricted trading hours, and may trade at any time over the Easter period. Exempt shops can include, but aren’t limited to the following business types:


  • art gallery or arts and crafts shop
  • aquarium, aquarium accessories or pet shop
  • bait and tackle or marine shop
  • bookseller’s or newsagent’s shop
  • bread, cake or pastry shop
  • butcher’s shop
  • camping equipment shop
  • chemist shop
  • confectionery shop or ice-cream parlour


Many other types of businesses also come under this category; the link at the bottom of this page will direct you to the full details. Despite being allowed to open on Good Friday, many businesses will choose not to, either because of the additional costs of opening on a public holiday, trouble finding available staff, or because all their customers have gone camping!


Some businesses may be considered an independent retail shop, in which case, the business must be closed on Good Friday, unless it’s predominately a food/grocery store. A business would be considered an independent retail shop if:


  • The business is run by an individual, partnership or a proprietary company (does not include a public company or related corporation).
  • There are no more than 30 people, including the owner, engaged in the shop at any one time.
  • There are no more than 100 people engaged by the owner in all shops throughout Queensland at any one time.
  • The business is not conducted within a non-exempt shop or part thereof.


For licensed premises, additional trading restrictions apply. Licensed premises must stop serving alcohol by 12am on Good Friday Eve, with patrons then allowed until 12:30am to finish their drinks and leave. All gaming machines must also stop operating at 12am on Good Friday Eve. Alcohol served with a meal is permitted, for licensed businesses, between 10am – midnight on Good Friday, however, no gaming or adult entertainment is permitted on Good Friday at a licensed premises. Business owners and managers should check their specific licensing requirements for their approved opening hours.



We’ll also be closed on Good Friday, returning to work on Tuesday 23rd April. If you have any concerns about your planned trading hours, be sure to give us a call!