If your business is in retail or hospitality, chances are this time of year is especially busy for you and your team! Your team are the face of your business and our bet is you’d like your employees to be enthusiastic, positive and helpful in their role through this crazy time. We’ve put together some of our top tips to help you support your team through this time of the year and the good news is, you can implement them all straight away!

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December is a great time for both preparing for the year ahead and reviewing what we’ve achieved in the year past. You might be familiar with completing an annual employee review, but do you perform an annual business review? Reflecting on what you thought you would do, vs. what you did, especially for your employee practices, provides you with a valuable starting point for improving in 2019.

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We don’t think there’s a business out there that hasn’t seen some impact from digital disruption. As a business owner or manager, reducing overheads is important, and often staffing costs represent a significant percentage of overall revenue.

Changing Workplace Processes
Digital disruption or automation may not always be initially obvious as a significant change. For example, 15 plus years ago, we had someone fold all our mail and insert into envelopes; then we used a mailing machine to do that same job, and now, most of our payslips are sent via email. These changes all helped with business efficiency, meaning staff could focus on more important responsibilities. … keep reading

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you some ideas on how you can help young people enter the workforce. Today, we look at how the skills of the older generations can be a force for good in your business.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) reports that Australians over 65 had a workforce participation rate of 13% in 2016, increasing by 5% in only 10 years. This speaks to a trend of older men and women reassessing what ‘retirement’ looks like, the cost of living and the availability of a pension. This trend of older Australians continuing to work (or expectations to work) past 65 brings with it some challenges, but also some great opportunities for employers. … keep reading

Let’s face it. Not everyone wakes up on Monday morning, energised and ready for an amazing week ahead at work. We wish it weren’t true, so we’ve come up with our top 10 ideas for starting the week with a BANG! What would you add to get your week off to a great start?

  1. Get organised on Sunday.

Taking a few minutes to get organised at your own pace on Sunday can help Monday feel that bit more manageable. Decide what you’re going to wear, or check that your uniform is washed and dried, get lunch ready and pack anything else you need for the day. … keep reading