If you’re like most businesses, your initial job application process probably hasn’t been reviewed in many years. It’s possibly a list of questions that you ‘borrowed’ from someone else. Maybe you fly by the seat of your pants every time someone applies for a job. Either way, it’s important to understand that there are anti-discrimination obligations regarding job applications, even if you don’t decide to hire anyone for the role.

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The statistics on domestic violence in Australia are staggering. WhiteRibbon.org.au reports that an average of one woman a week is murdered by their current or former partner.  With thousands of people (including men, women and children) across the country experiencing domestic and family violence in their homes, recent changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 are intended to help provide certainty about requesting time off from work whilst managing these challenging situations.

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The Fair Work Commission (FWC) recently announced significant changes for the retail industry, that have come as a surprise to many Australian retailers in the lead up to Christmas.

From 1 November 2018, casual employees engaged under the General Retail Award 2010 will be entitled to an additional 15% pay for all work performed on a Saturday. This is up from the additional 10% when working between 7am – 6pm on a Saturday (plus their casual loading of 25%). … keep reading

There’s a growing opinion amongst younger generations, that working in a 9-5 job, with the same company until retirement and pensions, is not a dream of theirs, that is shared by their parents and grandparents.

Instead, moving through various roles and multiple career paths is the norm. Roles that provide meaning and purpose, plus time to enjoy the extra-circular activities they love, or looking after growing families, are relished and revered. Workplace flexibility provisions can become a great recruitment tool, engagement booster and overall productivity improvement model. … keep reading