Meet Tania, our incredible CFO who worked tirelessly to run EOFY for around 4500 people paid last FY. Over the last couple of weeks she’s been busy reconciling and closing off the last financial year and getting us all set up and ready for this year.

Mellisa is one of our lovely Payroll Officers who makes payroll a breeze for our clients, from setting up new employees in our system, to completing daily payroll functions. She makes a conscious effort to always have a smile on her face and says that her favourite part of working at Workplace Central is working with such a wonderful group of people.

We are so excited to welcome our newest Workplace Central fan to the world… little Reuben Moss who was born 21/12/16. He weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces at birth and was 51cm long. Now at 4 weeks old he has developed a liking to Don Spencer’s Australian Animal Songs, in particular, The Smart Galah and enjoys playing with his African animal mobile.

We love that mum, dad and bub are happy and healthy. Everyone thinks Reuben is adorable, especially when he makes little kisses with his mouth!

Reuben’s mum Anita is currently on maternity leave, spending precious time with the gorgeous boy and will be back in mid-2017.

Denise has a keen ability to turn negative scenarios into positive experiences and build strong relationships through the process. She considers the workplace a living thing, so it is important to be open to growth and change.

There’s nothing like the confidence of having an expert managing your payroll. We are lucky to have Gayle, our Payroll Team Leader, who ensures thousands of staff are paid correctly and on time.

Gayle says there’s never a dull moment in her role and she loves how accurate payroll can maintain employee morale. Responsible for a hugely important process in any business, Gayle checks we meet all legislative requirements, such as tax and superannuation. Her bubbly personality and supply of lollies keeps her team energized.

Outside of work Gayle enjoys her downtime, and being a bit of a homebody, to recharge she loves cooking and a good book.

A fun fact about Gayle? In her teenage years she was a marching girl! With marching combining military precision with formations, we wonder if this hasn’t led into her prowess as a payroll team leader!

Taking you behind the scenes of Workplace Central, our latest staff profile is on one of our wonderful Workplace Partners, Stephanie Day, who has a particular penchant for recruiting. Stephanie has a great track record of matching the right candidate to the perfect vacant role. Learn more about Stephanie.